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Hi, my name is Alexander van Loon. On this blog I write about everything which interests me. It is partially a public diary to document what I think and exists just because I like to write. On the other hand I also wish to convince my readers of my views on issues at times. Apart from my blog, I also have a presence elsewhere on the Internet:

Who am I?

I live in the Netherlands and just finished a master’s program in Public Administration at Leiden University. Before that I completed a bachelor in History at Utrecht University. Right now I’m looking for a job.

Apart from this weblog, I spend a lot of time writing on Wikipedia. I love open source software, in particular the Linux operating system. I use open source software often and occasionally test it to discover bugs (software defects), which I report to the developers. I used to play video games often. Nowadays other things have more priority, but I still like playing games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive once in a while.

When it comes to sports, I’ve been practising kickboxing for years and like barefoot running. I like cooking, even though I always find fault with my culinary exploits. Out of concern for sustainability I think it’s important to reduce meat consumption to a minimum, or even zero. This explains my preference for the Indian cuisine which has such a wide variety of vegetarian dishes.

I love to travel. I’ve done volunteer work in Nepal for two months, which was a very good experience. I prefer to really get to know a country, which is only possibly if you meet its inhabitants. Staying in hotels is not as interesting by a long shot. More volunteer work isn’t possible for me with a full-time job, but couchsurfing seems like a good compromise.

Contact information

Because I want to avoid receiving spam I give my e-mail address in the form of a riddle. My e-mail address ends with the domain alexandervanloon.nl, in front of it comes the @ character. My e-mail address begins with the first letter of my first name, followed by a dot and then my surname written without a space (e-mail addresses never have spaces anyway).

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