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Hi, my name is Alexander van Loon. On this blog I write about everything which interests me. It is partially a public diary to document what I think and exists just because I like to write. On the other hand I also wish to convince my readers of my views on issues at times. Apart from my blog, I also have a presence elsewhere on the Internet:

Who am I?

I live in the Netherlands and just finished a master’s program in Public Administration at Leiden University. Before that I completed a bachelor in History at Utrecht University. Right now I’m looking for a job.

Apart from this weblog, I spend a lot of time writing on Wikipedia. I love open source software, in particular the Linux operating system. I use open source software often and occasionally test it to discover bugs (software defects), which I report to the developers. I used to play video games often. Nowadays other things have more priority, but I still like playing games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive once in a while.

When it comes to sports, I’ve been practising kickboxing for years and like barefoot running. I like cooking, even though I always find fault with my culinary exploits. Out of concern for sustainability I think it’s important to reduce meat consumption to a minimum, or even zero. This explains my preference for the Indian cuisine which has such a wide variety of vegetarian dishes.

I love to travel. I’ve done volunteer work in Nepal for two months, which was a very good experience. I prefer to really get to know a country, which is only possibly if you meet its inhabitants. Staying in hotels is not as interesting by a long shot. More volunteer work isn’t possible for me with a full-time job, but couchsurfing seems like a good compromise.

Contact information

Because I want to avoid receiving spam I give my e-mail address in the form of a riddle. My e-mail address ends with the domain alexandervanloon.nl, in front of it comes the @ character. My e-mail address begins with the first letter of my first name, followed by a dot and then my surname written without a space (e-mail addresses never have spaces anyway).

3 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hoi Neefje,

    Vandaag sprak ik je moeder op de verjaardag van Oma Hogendijk. Je moeder vertelde mij dat je op dit moment in Nepal bent. Leuk om op je website je belevenissen te lezen. Heel veel succes daar, doe veel goeds.

    Hartelijke groeten,
    Margreet Bos

  2. He Sander, wat ben je ver weg.
    Geweldig dat je zo gemotiveerd bent en blijft.
    Deze ervaring zal ongetwijfeld veel toevoegen op je toch al originele kijk op het leven!

  3. Tjonge jonge wat ben ik trots op je!!!! Wat doe jij veel goed werk joh. Hartstikke leuk om je verhalen te lezen. Super goed geschreven en makkelijk te volgen. Ik wist niet dat jij zo’n talenknobbel hebt. Zou wel leuk zijn als wij hier bij de kapper ook een massage kunnen krijgen. Heel veel plezier de komende weken en wij zijn benieuwd naar nog meer verhalen als je weer thuis komt.

    Liefs Jacq en Cees natuurlijk

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