Films seen in April 2009

This week I didn’t have much to do, so I went to the DVD rental shop and found seven DVD’s worth watching. If you rent seven, you pay the cheapest fee per DVD, but it was a bit difficult to watch all seven within one week, the period you are allowed to rent them. I also watched a film on TV, and one movie was rented a few weeks ago. This is probably all for now, because I won’t have time during the rest of April.

All were good, but There Will Be Blood was my favorite. After that come Babel and Das Leben der Anderen. I really couldn’t stand seeing Nicolas Cage with an ugly mustache in the film World Trade Center.

I appreciate The Lives of Others so much because it shows it shows how the protagonist, who is convinced that he is doing the right thing to defend the greatness of the DDR, changes his beliefs. One of my favorite scenes of this film happens at the start of the film when he is lecturing some students about the behavior of the enemies of the state. When one student dares to question what he says, he immediatly places a mark near the student’s name on a list. Later in the film my second favorite scene occurs when he’s standing in an elevator together with a child. The child asks him in it’s innocence if he works for the Stasi and tells him that his father told him the Stasi are bad people who lock others up. The protagonist is tempted to ask for the name of his father, but in the middle in his sentence he doubts, and asks for the name of the child’s ball instead. The child is confused and tells him balls have no names. Thoughout the film the protagonist loses his tunnel vision when he witnesses how the DDR damages the lives of it’s citizens. It shows the protagonist capacity for self-criticism, his ability to change his convictions. In that aspect I could see similarity between myself and the protagonist, and identify myself with him.

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