Seen: Star Trek

Yesterday I watched the new Star Trek film in the cinema, which I thought was quite good. It’s good to see that Star Trek was revived succesfully with this film after the cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise, also in perspective of the wider shortage of good science fiction at this moment since the Battlestar Galactica re-imagining was finished, as well. However I wonder, or doubt, if a new Star Trek television series would be successful. I’d welcome a more innovative kind of science fiction series, following the example of the Battlestar Galactica re-imagining.

Because I was so anxious to watch Star Trek I decided to see it in the cinema, but once again I experienced how unattractive that is. I live in a relatively (for the densely populated Netherlands) remote place, so it takes quite some traveling to get to  a cinema. Too much time is spent on watching advertising before the film starts, the break is too long and unnecessary for me, and a ticket costs € 8,30. I can go the DVD rental store which lies closer in my vicinity and rent maybe eight movies for a week for the price of that ticket. And while Star Trek was a success, I think Hollywood produces too much air-headed junk. That’s why I intend to visit a cinema which shows independent films some time in the future.

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