Films seen in November 2009

Last month I visited the video rental store again and picked up a few films. Like last time I didn’t choose some titles on the spot, but I used a list containing titles which got the approval of the critics, with some exceptions. I don’t want to waste my time watching inferior films. I’ve seen:

All films were good. I had expected a bit more from REC considering the praise it received, I liked it nevertheless. But it might be more controversial for others who don’t like horror movies following the documentary style of The Blair Witch Project.

All I expected from Ong Bak 2 were kick-ass fight scenes and I was not disappointed. However, the rest of the film is merely an excuse or shell for the fighting scenes, and with the addition of a fantasy element it makes the film totally ridiculous. At least the first Ong-Bak had a reasonable story besides the fighting scenes, since then Tony Jaa’s films have gone downhill. There are martial arts films which can score high grades both as a film and as a fighting scene spectacle, as Unleashed for example proves. Tony Jaa should aim for that too.

I don’t have much to comment on the other five films, they were all great. The Other Boleyn Girl was primarily interesting because of the two actresses in the lead roles, but afterwards it aroused my irritation when I read that the film was ahistorical. Contrary to my expectation though. Hunger left a far greater impression on me than The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. It’s a film of little words, but near the end of the film it takes a radical turn with a very long scene of a dialogue filmed with a stationary camera, showering the viewer with a waterfall of words. It’s disturbing to see that people are willing to die for a political cause and out of desperation. The events depicted in the film happened in reality almost thirty years ago, sad to realize that a civilized nation like the United Kingdom didn’t respect human rights not too long ago.

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