My favorite amateur and fan films

A week ago an amateur Uruguayan filmmaker reached the news because he landed a Hollywood contract after he showed the world his short film titled ‘Panic Attack’. He created the five minute long short film with a $ 300 budget, Hollywood offered him a $ 30 million budget to create a full-blown film. If he can do this much with $ 300, what he could do with $ 30 million would be nothing short of awesome. He made a very impressive short film. But there are more great short amateur and fan made films, so I wanted to mention those on my weblog as well.

Let’s start with another amateur film, titled ‘What’s in the Box?’. This one became a YouTube hit earlier in 2009. It was created by a Dutch student who claims it was done for € 150. According to an interview he was contacted by Hollywood as well.

There are a lot of fan films which are very impressive as well. Escape from City 17 is based on the video game Half-Life 2. Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning is a great parody on Star Trek and Babylon 5. The Star Wars fan film Imperial Military Personnel Stories takes the stormtroopers as it’s subject. Note that the last two fan films are feature length, full blown films.

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