After Elephant’s Dream and Big Buck Bunny, the Blender Foundation released their third short computer animated film, Sintel. Once again in the spirit of free software, it’s released under a Creative Commons license and available to watch for free over the Internet. It’s awesome to see what (voluntary) developers and artists from all over the world can accomplish. I regret I couldn’t witness the world premiere in the Rembrandt theater in Utrecht, the Netherlands, very close to where I work. Unfortunately I was to late to get a ticket. There’s some criticism on the film, but I liked it, even though Big Buck Bunny still remains my favorite.

As with the previous two film projects, Sintel not only demonstrates Blender’s and the development team’s capabilities, it also serves to further the development of Blender. The development version has seen quite a lot of improvements. Hopefully the book I have, Essential Blender, will not become obsolete due to the changes made to newer versions of Blender. It’s very unfortunate that the book is catching dust because I haven’t been able to find the time to learn Blender. If I could only clone myself so I could do everything I’d want. I hope to visit the Blender Conference which is held annually in Amsterdam too, someday.

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