Volunteering in Nepal for ten weeks

It’s a long story, but I’ll give an executive summary for my English readers who can’t read my Dutch weblog. Knowing I would get my bachelor in History halfway this academic year, I started looking for options to spend the second half of the year in a foreign country because I wanted to experience living in culture totally different from my western culture. At first I started searching for an internship in a foreign country and applied to AIESEC. The interview went well, however the people running the local AIESEC comittee thought I lacked independence (probably because I told them that the year I had been living in Rotterdam to study there was a disappointment for me) and refused me their services in finding an internship. I applied for an internship as an assistent to a European Parliamentarian in Brussels, but for that I wasn’t chosen either, even though I was the second choice out of seven applicants. I applied for an internship at the Dutch embassy in Ankara in Turkey, but it turned out they have very high demands for applicants and I wasn’t selected either.

So I decided to do work as a volunteer instead of continuing to search for an internship. I wanted to experience living in a foreign country at all costs. After evaluating the offers of two travel agencies I decided to deal with volunteer organizations directly. After some searching on the Internet I found the Volunteer Society Nepal and decided to work with them because their website gave a very reliable impression. I could have chosen to go another country such as India and Thailand, but considering that Nepal ranks higher in poverty and is not as well known as those other countries, I thought Nepal was more interesting and my help more appreciated there. I’ll be departing today and return in the beginning of May, so I’ll be staying there for ten weeks. I’ll make sure to report my experiences on this weblog.

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