Sadly, the Nokia N9 got canned

As you can read on the Wikipedia article of the Nokia N9 now, the smartphone won’t be released in the major markets, probably including the Netherlands. Apparently Nokia, being Microsoft’s slave now, thought it necessary to self destruct the capital and effort invested in the development of the N9 and kill off this product which competes with it’s future Windows Phone smartphones. Even when the N9 was floored already after the announcement that Nokia would discontinue the development of MeeGo in favour of concentrating on Windows Phone, that evil bastard Elop couldn’t resist giving it a last fatal kick to head. I’ll never buy anything from Nokia again and I hope that pathetic company with it’s Windows Phone products gets overwhelmed anyway by the competition consisting of iPhones and Android-based smartphones.

Or even better, other manufacturers could pick up MeeGo, which is entirely possible because MeeGo itself is not dead, only the N9 is which was the only smartphone using it so far. But I’m not seriously disappointed, because mobile Internet has become expensive anyway I prefer to wait until the pricing becomes more reasonable before I buy a new smartphone. Until then I’ll continue using my dumb phone.

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